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[ HD ] Dale Paratra by Alexis y Fido (REGGAETON, ZUMBA® Fitness Dance Class Choreography) 2020

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Publicado en 05 Feb 2021 / En Música

#daleparatra #reggaeton #zumba #virtualclass #Dance #2020
Olaaaaaa! We filmed a bunch of videos at a local gym in our city of Mississauga but I ended up misplacing the SD card that I stored the all on... Finally a couple of days ago, I found them! So now I'll post them as soon as I can. I invited a few of my favourite ZINs to come and share their talent with us and to entertain all of you;). I hope that you enjoy them! These were filmed back in May or so. Please welcome Kendra Paguagua ZIN Instructor to our Channel. I hope you enjoy the choreo! Cheers!

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