The death of Nick's other son, Arthur Cave

After the death of a son in 2015, another tragedy happens in the life of Nick Cave <br>Australian singer's son dies at 30 <br>Jethro Lazenby, the late son of the singer, had just been released from pr..

Nick Cave's son Jethro Lzenby dies: The son of Australian singer, songwriter and actor Nick Cave, Jethro Lazenby, has died at the age of 30, the artist confirmed. The singer's son, Jethro, died just 7 years after his brother and Nick's son suffered a terrible accident, as he fell from a cliff in 2015. Model and actor Jethro Lazenby, who lived in Melbourne, was released from prison just two days before his death. Nick Cave's eldest son passed away today and the Australian star confirmed it. Jethro lived in Melbourne, where his mother, Beau, lived, according to The Sun.

Nick Cave confirmed the death of his son Jethro just 7 years after the death of his other son.

This terrible event in the family of the Australian artist, Nick Cave, occurred just 7 years after the terrible accident of his other son, Arthur, who was only 15 years old. According to various reports, Arthur died in 2015 after falling off a cliff.
Today, Nick Cave confirmed the death of 30-year-old Jethro Lazenby: “It is with great sadness that I can confirm that my son, Jethro, has passed away, also thanking you for giving the family privacy at this difficult time. "We would be grateful for the family's privacy at this time." Filed Under: Nick Cave's son Jethro Lzenby dies
Jethro faced mental health issues
Jethro Lazenby faced many personal problems that had to do with his mental health, the model was born to the model Beau Lazenby and Mr. Cave in 1991. As he grew older, he consolidated the world of stardom, as he starred in roles in the 2007 film Corroboree and 2011 My Little Princess, opposite Isabelle Huppert.

In April, Lazenby was jailed for assaulting his mother, and was prevented from having contact with his mother for at least two years. So far the reasons for his death are unknown. The fans of the Australian musician have spoken out in the face of the unfortunate situation. “My God, how much can a family take? My heart breaks for them. RIP“. wrote one, while through Twitter, another expressed; “Nick Cave just shared that his son Jethro has died. I am absolutely heartbroken for that family.” Filed Under: Nick Cave's son Jethro Lzenby dies

The tragedies in the life of the 64-year-old Australian composer have haunted him since the death of his youngest son, now with the news of the sudden death of his other son, the singer is devastated. The first blow was dealt in the year 2015, and now Jethro's death in 2022.
According to reports from The Sun, the youngest son, Arthur, died after falling off a 60-foot cliff after taking the hallucinogenic drug LSD, an inquest later heard. The family spoke out in the face of this first tragedy, describing him as a "beautiful, happy, loving boy," and his death inspired two albums, Skeleton Tree and Ghosteen, and the 2016 documentary One More Time With Feeling, The Sun reported. Filed Under: Nick Cave's son Jethro Lzenby dies.


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