Nio García is no longer with Flow La Movie Label

Nio García, is seen in the painful decision to disassociate himself from the future actions of the Flow La Movie record label, a company that was left in the hands of Ilianes Ruiz, mother of the late ..

 Nio Garcia

Stream La Movie, was a major support point in the creative vocation of Nio García (@niogarcia), he was the one who confided in his ability the most and upheld him from the very beginning, framing a team from which global victories and world records of playback on advanced stages.


Today the scene is unique. After the disastrous demise of Flow La Movie, who was the CEO of the organization with a similar name and Manager of Nio García, the music organization passed under the control of Mrs. Ilianes Ruiz, an individual who was never associated with any of the undertakings of Nio's vocation when his child was alive and tragically he has no information on the music business. This constrained progress has made it difficult to deliver the craftsman's new LP, as well as two music recordings that had previously been supported by Flow La Movie before his passing.


The scene of disappointment wherein the craftsman has been required, for not having the option to introduce new music to his fans, has settled on him pursue the excruciating decision to report his disassociation from the record name that brought forth his creative vocation, to move to elite administration. with the organization GLAD Empire, an organization that famously works with Flow La Movie since its origin and solely deals with the conveyance of the substance previously delivered by the name. Through this articulation, it is likewise explained that the main booking office approved to sell dates around the world, including regions like Colombia and Mexico, is Sold Out Entertainment.


"The tradition of Flow la Movie will live on through every one of the melodies that we made together and that keep on playing around the world. Stream The Movie is us. We who made that brand. The objectives of Nio Garcia and Movie were exceptionally clear before they kicked the bucket and it is appalling to perceive how the new organization has totally veered off from the objective. Now is the ideal time to begin another stage and I'm prepared to satisfy my fans with my music," said Nio García.

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