Natti Natasha conquered Caracas

An unprecedented night, in which the stage was dominated by outstanding women of the urban genre, had the Dominican as the main course of the evening. Musical successes, dancing and overflowing charis..

Nati Natacha  

Last Thursday night, May 5, the women took over the Terrace of the C.C.C.T (Caracas) to live with the public a historic night for the urban genre: The first presentation of Natti Natasha (@nattinatasha) in Venezuela and the first concert of all women worldwide.

Standing up for the talent of Venezuela, Mabel Yeah (@mabelyeah), Dani Barranco (@danibarranco13) and Corina Smith (@corinasmith) lit up the audience with the interpretation of their most successful songs and Dj Agniezka was in charge of putting the spirits up with your mixes. For her part, the Dominican Sharlene (@sharlene) also said “present”, having as guests Kobi Cantillo, Noreh and the brothers Gio and Gabo from La Melodía Perfecta.


After 10 at night and to the rhythm of “Ram Pam Pam”, Natti Nastaha burst onto the scene, awakening the euphoria of thousands of people who sang at the top of their lungs the successes that have positioned her as the toughest of the toughest.

“Frozen”, “I don't remember”, “Wow BB” and “Oh Daddy” were the first songs performed by the Dominican star. Energetic and full of charisma, Natti sang and captivated everyone with her dance moves.

The super presentation of the most anticipated artist of the night highlighted by striking visuals, play of lights and a group of dancers with whom she danced and enjoyed as in a night out.


Natti was grateful to her Venezuelan fandom and revealed that, although she has been devoting time to the role of her mother, when she was told "Venezuela" without thinking, she said: "Of course!"

“Zona del perreo”, “Justicia”, “Yesterday my ex called me”, “Before the sun rises”, “Impossible Love” and “The best version of me” could not be missing from the repertoire of the artist who wore three changes of clothing that highlighted her curves.

Along with the dance and her inexhaustible waste of charisma, Natti greeted those present and highlighted the message of empowerment for all women. Cup in hand, she toasted and celebrated the long-awaited meeting, "this is my way of thanking you for all the support," she said.


Other songs such as “Antes que sal el sol”, “Que mal te fue”, raised the temperature so that, “Criminal”, “Dura”, “Sin Pijama”, “Noches En Miami” and “Dura Remix” kept the public standing enjoying the striking show and the unique experience with the label of Prodec (@prodecve) and RM53 Entertainment Group (@rm53entertainment), companies that continue to produce emotions in the Venezuelan public.

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